Jan Rap
Jan Rap comes from an old dutch saying “Jan Rap en z’n maat” (16th cen.) which meant ‘the sailors of lower status with less quality or significance’. Some words related to what it meant in general are rabble, scamp or mob. Nowadays: Street kids, junks and offenders.
My name is Jan Rap, a Visual Designer from Utrecht – The Netherlands with a focus on Calligraphy, Calligraffiti & Abstract Patterning work. I can apply my patterning work on virtually any surface such as paper, wood, walls, guitars and even cars, you name it!

My inspiration comes from all forms of visual communication but specifically letters inspired me to create what i make nowadays. Calligraphy and patterns with a touch of creative madness, influenced by music, alcohol, love, sugar, spice and everything nice. We all know what last ingredient created the superhuman strength, endurance and unlimited supply of creativity!

Contact Me
In my continuous search for ways to express myself, I am always looking for new projects and ideas. Do you have an awesome idea or do you want me to create something for you? I’m available for new projects, materials and techniques! Don’t hesitate and send me a message, I reply to all messages!